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profileHi! I’m the Founder/Developer of Conscious Colors, Chakra Healing Yoga and Color Aromas Therapy. I’m known as the Color Therapy Expert and Chakra Yoga Expert. My mission is to inspire others to utilize Color Therapy, Color Aroma Therapy and Chakra Balancing as helpful allies to having a well being. The Color Aromas Color Therapy Oils and Color Therapy Misters I’ve created are a unique innovation in self help and can help you discover what your bodymindspirit truly needs for holistic health. If you are a professional in the healing arts, spa, salon, counseling, art therapy, yoga or holistic/integrative medicine fields, my Conscious Colors training programs offer you wise choices to successfully add Color Therapy and Chakra Balancing to your practice, while taking your own incredible healing journey. Discover your bodymindspirit’s current needs and wants at the Color Moods Wheel: Click Here

Recently I was interviewed by Vogue Magazine to help the editor have a positive journey with Color Therapy. She had a great experience being transformed with Color! Read the Vogue Article Here

I’m also a published Author and contributed to the book From Inspiration to Realization. Author John Gray (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus), said “The successful women who wrote this book offer inspiration, motivation and techniques to help you achieve your dreams.” I agree, and I love being inspirational! I’m currently working on my book proposal for Hay House Publishing so I can share the complete Conscious Colors well being system with Color Therapy, Chakra Balancing and Color Aromatherapy in a book. Until then, you can learn a lot right now in my Color Therapy Courses Online or with my Chakra Meditation Audio Downloads. You can even Get Certified as a Color Aromas Therapist or take a Chakra Yoga Teacher’s Training. Click Here for Color Therapy Courses Online

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The scents are amazing! And they're wonderfully effective -- I can really feel their energies.

- Lisa Mertz Products Review Editor, Massage Therapy Journal

I recently completed the Conscious Colors Practitioner Course. The training provided a wonderful informative syllabus I now use for reference. The workshop was filled with countless practical demonstrations. I purchased the Color Aromas and are thrilled with their quality...they are amazing. I love them & my students love them! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about the subtle energy body. I'm grateful I found Constance and her course!

- Heidi Rayden RYT

The Conscious Colors Course was one of the best workshops I've attended. As a yoga instructor and massage therapist, I went into the classes having a fair amount of knowledge about the chakra system. Even so, the training deepened my knowledge & expanded my awareness of the chakras. Constance Hart is a gifted healer & teacher, and I felt supported as I explored the chakra system through this unique perspective with color, sound and aromatherapy. I have brought the Color Aromas into my classes & massage practice.

- Robyn Rigoni RYT, LMT

Thank you for the wonderful Color Aromas Chakra Balancing Kit. We've created a ritual before our team meetings where we pick a color that speaks to us and set an intention before jumping into our important tasks for the day. This really helps to ground and bring presence to our work space.

- Hong Vo Co-Owner, Namaste Interactive

If you are ready to live a powerful life, in line with your highest dreams and goals, have great relationships, love and an abundance of money/opportunities flowing in...schedule a session with Constance. After following her advise and working with the Color Aromas and visualizations, 2 weeks later I met the man of my dreams and purchased the yoga studio that I now own and run. Constance will support you in aligning with your clarity.

- Gisela Powell Yoga Studio Owner

During the 5 day Conscious Colors Course I journeyed with the beautiful vibrations of Color, Aroma, and Sound and my own healing process. Constance Hart is one of the most clear and effective speakers I have had the pleasure of listening to, and I feel blessed to have been able to learn from her. I’m now starting to utilize and integrate this work into my own practice. My friends and clients are truly amazed and are describing major shifts in their lives. My life continues to change daily as I invite the Color Aromas healing in!

- Dawn Noel RN, CMT

The Conscious Colors teachings have been central to the expansion of my knowledge base, professional offerings and life enthusiasm. Nothing can compare to the direct daily life improvement that the Color Aromas Therapy has provided.

- Zan Ferris RYT, MNT, Yoga Studio Owner

I'm a yoga therapist, and energy healer. I've used many products on myself, my children, and my clients. I'm incredibly sensitive and particular as to what oils and scents I bring into my healing space. Color Aromas is by far the best product on the market. The misters and oils are rich, healing, and magical. I highly recommend using them everyday!

- Lisa Jansen Owner, Prema Yoga Healing, Arroyo Grande, CA

The Conscious Colors Course changed the way I teach yoga. Using the Color Aromas Therapy enhances my classes and helps me to provide something different for my students. I would definitely recommend this course and I can't wait to take the Chakra Restorative Yoga Training!

- Michelle Bachman ,Yoga Teacher

Over the last year I have been having regular phone consultations with Constance and they have been a huge support to my growth & development. It is wonderful to work with a personally chosen colour prescription. The energetic connection over the phone is palpable - I sometimes feel my energy shift then and there as we are speaking, and Constance's ability to tune into my state and her insights are amazing. I would highly recommend a phone consultation to anyone who is drawn to Color Therapy.

- Nina Bain

We've received lasting benefits from the wonderful Healer's Course. Too often the benefits of a class are short lasting (if at all). We both found the opposite from your teaching, we continue to grow everyday.

- Mel Hunter and Colleen Love CA

Constance Hart’s Color Therapy is amazing. Our team was a bit skeptical about doing "holistic" stuff but as soon as she started working with us, we quickly realized that the work she does is practical and results-oriented. She's a master in aligning teams and getting them "clear" - both in terms of intention and in terms of space. Our business started to pick up immediately and I can truly say we are more "in the zone."

- Roberto Blain President, QuPeople

Seeking Constance Hart’s guidance was undoubtedly one of the wisest, healthiest and life-changing decisions I ever made. Through her spiritual guidance and incredible talent with Color Therapy, I came to find balance and gain insight into every facet of my being.

- Chris Sax Business Owner

The Conscious Colors businesses program is a really wonderful and useful process. My business partner and I were having difficulties making decisions on the color of our logo and Constance took us through a very unique and systematic way of finding the colors that resonated with our personalities and our business. Now we absolutely love our logo and so does everyone who sees it!

- Rick Colella Owner, Insight Yoga

The Chakra Restorative Yoga workshop was nothing short of wonderful. It was like spending a whole day at a spiritual spa. Constance Hart’s love and respect for this work was deeply felt, her honesty was refreshing and the work itself was blissfully rejuvenating as well as informative.

- Tina Chappel , Owner Yoga Jones

Constance is a gifted healer, intuitive and supporter of growth. Whenever I work with her I feel enveloped by her loving presence; she is a true "light worker" and leading edge in her field. I am a more gentle, loving, powerful and intuitive person now and I contribute a lot of these shifts to working with her consistently for a 6 month period. Her work is especially powerful when one devotes oneself to the affirmations and Color Aromas prescriptions daily.

- Martina Cornelius LMT

With her grace, skill, kindness and intuition Constance can shift my energy over the phone. She gets to the heart of any matter by skillfully tuning into my energy, words and vibrations. I am transformed by her work as she knows which feelings, patterns and thoughts are important to support. I am empowered by her work. The deepest places feel seen and acknowledged. I feel new possibilities. I feel happier and more relaxed. I revive my spirit with the amazing Color Aromas which delight my soul and senses. In all, her work is absolutely remarkable. Constance is a true doctor of energy!

- Tara Clair Candoli , psychotherapist

I LOVE Color Aromas and Constance Hart. I am a nationally licensed & certified massage therapist since 2000 and have been benefiting from Constance's work for about 2 yrs. now. I have to say her private sessions and my daily use of Color Aromas has had a very positive and profound effect on myself and my work as a therapist. I am very grateful for my experiences and growth, both professionally and personally.

- Susie Bland , LMT, Member of ABMP

I can't recommend highly enough a healing session with Constance Hart. She is an Angel among us, and is so very knowledgeable and generous with her Color Therapy gifts. The Color Aromas she has developed are something I use daily and won't be without. They balance my psyche and are a prescription to harmony and good health . . . and they smell great too!

- Heather Vallier , Ph.D.

I have been a fan of Conscious Colors for more than 5 years now, but have recently had an even deeper experience of the power, wisdom and freedom that are available through the Color Therapy Healing. Toward the end of 2010 I had gotten to a place of overwhelm that wasn't lifting. I am now using my Color Aromas on a regular basis and my inner landscape has shifted dramatically. I am more at peace, more in my power center, and less prone to be thrown by outer circumstance and felling more joy! And to think, all this does come in a bottle.

- Karen Duggan Founder, Playful Planet

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