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I’m Color Therapy Expert Constance Hart. Teaching the life-changing benefits that color energy provides has been my professional focus for over 23 years.  Read My Complete Bio Here

Whether you want to discover your own true well being or support others in having holistic wellness, the Conscious Colors modality is for you.

My students’ and customers’ lives have changed forever for the better, in all areas of their lives, after learning how to attune to color consciously. Click Here to Read Glowing Testimonials

As a Visionary with Color Therapy, I created a powerful and profound way to have a life-changing experience with color: Color Aroma.

Color Aroma Oils and Mists provide a unique multisensory experience of color that will transport you into each color’s mood and therapeutic benefits.

“These products are incredible. I notice an immediate difference with how I feel whenever I use the Color Aroma Oils. I feel better! I love how they really do smell like the corresponding color. It has helped my meditation so much.” -Lyn Joberg, CA

Color Aroma was created to consciously utilize the power that our sense of smell has to create memories, and in particular, positive, long-lasting wellness benefits.

The Conscious Colors Well Being Formula:

Color + Aroma + Conscious Intention= Well Being

By inhaling a Color Aroma while consciously thinking its coordinating Color Therapy mood, positive intentions are automatically communicated to the brain. These intentions are then continually reinforced, and memorized (through your memory), in your daily life when you simply see the colors.

The Color Aroma Color Therapy system:

“Choose by Colors or Choose by Moods”

Color Aroma offers personalized holistic balancing. Our Color Aroma Color Flower™ will always guide you to exactly which color energies are needed for your holistic wellness. So if having less stress and more balance is of interest to you, I invite you to explore Color Therapy fully: Choose Colors Here

Vogue Magazine Interview: The author had a great experience taking my Conscious Colors advice and transforming her days with Color Therapy. Read the Article Here

Want to Expand your Practice?

Conscious Colors will help you shine as a wise holistic wellness practitioner and certainly stand out from the rest. Being able to offer such a unique modality will make you feel proud and eager to share your work and wisdom everyday. We are proudly not sold through MLM, and I invite you to expand your practice sharing the light of color today! Color Aroma is utilized worldwide by therapy, wellness, massage, spa, medical, coaching, yoga, and various healing arts professionals. Join us!

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