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Did you know that colors are so much more than simply hues of objects?
“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” -Dr. Wayne Dyer

Colors are life-enhancing, live, living frequencies that influence the way you feel, think, and experience life in a hue-man body. Tapping into the infinite power of color energy will transform your life immensely!

With Conscious Colors, you’ll learn how to effectively utilize color, in conjunction with the conscious mind and the subtle energy body, to help heal the physical body and support emotional well being for true holistic wellness..

I’m Color Therapy Expert and Chakra Yoga Educator Constance Hart. For over 25 years, my professional focus has been teaching others how to utilize the energy of color as a holistic healing ally.

Whether you’re interested in self-healing, the Color Aroma products, or professional certification and training, I’ve developed numerous practical resources and helpful programs to help you tap into color’s beneficial effects on the bodymindspirit. Explore More Here

As a Visionary with Color Therapy, I also created a powerful and profound way to manifest intentions and inspire moods with Color Aroma.     

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Color Aroma Oils and Mists provide a unique multisensory experience of color that takes full advantage of the olfactory system’s profound ability to create long-lasting memories. Color Aroma helps you and your clients/patients/students create intentions that can actually manifest, because everyone has a daily relationship with color.

“Constance Hart has opened up my work to Color Aroma Therapy and the effect it has on balancing the chakras. Color Aroma has brought my practice to a higher level with profound results. Mahalo Constance Hart for your standards of excellence in creating your colors, teaching and inspiration.”

-Dr. Bonnie Marsh, Maui, HI

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The Conscious Colors Well Being Formula:

Color + Aroma + Conscious Intention= Well Being

“These products are incredible. I notice an immediate difference with how I feel whenever I use the Color Aroma Oils. I feel better! I love how they really do smell like the corresponding color. It has helped my meditation so much.”

-Lyn Joberg, CA

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Ready to Expand your Practice?

Conscious Colors will help you shine as a wise holistic wellness professional and stand out from the rest. The Complete Conscious Colors Modality includes complete training in Color Therapy, Color Aroma Therapy, and Color Sound Healing with tuning forks. The Chakra Restorative Yoga program includes comprehensive chakra-awakening practices. Color Aroma is utilized worldwide by therapy, wellness, massage, spa, nursing, mental health, medical, coaching, yoga, and healing arts professionals, and is proudly not sold through a MLM structure, plus made in the U.S.A.

I love teaching! It’s my passion and greatest joy.

I hope to welcome you soon to a Conscious Colors Course and congratulate you as a student! Read My Complete Bio Here

The Color Aroma Color Therapy system:

“Choose by Colors or Choose by Moods”

The Color Aroma Color Flower™ helps your clients/patients/students guide themselves to exactly which color energies they need for holistic wellness.  Choose Colors Here

Get Fully Certified in Color Aroma and Chakra Therapy with the Conscious Colors Online Course Click Here for the Certification Course

A Vogue Magazine Interview: I’ve appeared in Vogue Magazine 3 times now. In this article the author had a great experience taking my Conscious Colors advice and transforming her days with Color Therapy. Read the Article Here

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