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Welcome to Conscious Colors. As Founder/Developer, I’ve created Color Aroma™, Color Spa™, Color Sound Healing, and the Color Chakra Yoga Journey™. Teaching the life-changing benefits of Color Therapy has been my professional focus for over 23 years. Read Bio Here

A Visionary with Color Therapy, I created Color Aroma as a multi-sensory way to experience the powerful benefits of attuning to color consciously. The incredible Color Aroma essential oil blends uniquely express the scent of colors, as well as their healing and therapeutic benefits. Watch the Video Here

The Color Aroma holistic wellness modality is utilized by therapy, wellness, massage, spa, medical, coaching, yoga, and healing arts professionals worldwide. You can, too!

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Vogue Magazine interviewed me Read the Article Here The author had a great experience taking my advice and transforming her days with Color Therapy.

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