Root Chakra Meditation

Root Chakra Meditation with Red Color Therapy

Each color ray is a wavelength, a vibration, a frequency of light that you also have within your body being. At any time a particular color energy vibration can be missing or dim, or as I prefer to say “less present,” or “wanting attention.” With regard to the RED frequency, you’ll know when you need more of this Color Therapy when you

are feeling a lack of trust in your body, less stable and secure, ungrounded, fearful around finances and perhaps experiencing cold hands and feet.

Red Color Therapy serves your Root Chakra first and foremost. Your Root Chakra is vitally important to your overall well being as it is the foundation for your entire energy body.  Deep Red is helpful for rooting and grounding; Bright Red can help energize your physical body and increase circulation; Pink encourages gentleness and self love.

It’s easier than you may think to get yourself in a better vibrational rhythm with your base foundation chakra with the Red Ray. All change begins with a single thought.

Here’s a simple Root Chakra Meditation with Red Color Therapy:

Root Chakra Red Ray Rampage
a holistic attunement from Constance Hart

Read, Recite, Repeat with the Red Ray in your Consciousness:
“I am now open to a new physical and emotional foundation for my entire bodymindspirit. I’m willing to open my mind to a feeling of security and stability. I believe I can feel stable and secure in my body. I can trust my body to support me. I can trust the strength in my bones to lead me to a feeling of security and stability. I also believe I can feel fluid and flexible in this stability. I now invite a feeling of ease into my bones with my breath. As I breathe with the thought of ease, I feel more centered and secure in my bodymindspirit. I invite my entire body being to feel grounded and centered now. My body is centered and grounded with the Earth now.

Next, I breathe consciously into my feet, and as I connect with my feet I am connected to the Earth. I breathe with the reminder that the Earth is absolutely abundant and when my feet are connected to the Earth, I am truly connecting with abundance. I invite this feeling of abundance into my bodymindspirit now. As I breathe with an image of abundance that is personal to me, I breathe with joy. I now welcome the joy of abundance into my hands and everything I touch brings me over flowing prosperity and joy. As I smile with this joy, my cells receive abundant energy. Every part of my being is breathing open now, willing and able to receive this birthright of abundance and energy. I invite prosperity into my life in all ways, always. I claim my abundance fully now. I am open to my abundance and so it is.”

I invite you to tune yourself often with this rampage of positive thoughts. Try all three red rays and see which one your body is asking for.

Then, take your meditation further utilizing the Deep Red, Bright Red and Pink Color Aromas Therapy oils to help you visualize the colors easier and make a stronger lasting impression with their goal color messages.

Enjoy your colors!

Constance Hart

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