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Conscious Colors is here to teach that there’s so much more to color than meets the eye! Color Therapy is a viable, worthwhile, and profound holistic wellness modality. We’re thrilled to help people discover that in fact, color is light, is frequency, is vibration, is energy that has the ability to affect the mind and emotions, as well as the physical body. Since we all engage with color daily, there’s a great opportunity to utilize color consciously to affect overall well being. About Conscious Colors’ unique vision: our mission is to bring Color Therapy to the mainstream through our trained practitioners in a variety of wellness fields, as well as select retail locations. Conscious Colors helps people shift their moods and overall well being for the better with our Color Aroma Oils and Mists.

About Conscious Colors’ foundation: The root of the Conscious Colors modality and philosophy, is yoga, and in particular, yoga of the chakra (energy center) system. To be clear, yoga is not a religion, rather a practice of union. This union is about wholeness through unifying one’s body, mind, emotions, and spirit essence within itself, as well as unifying oneself with the whole Universe. Perhaps when you think of yoga you think of physical exercise, of all those poses (asanas) you’ve seen flexible people doing. Well, there are actually eight important parts to the overall practice of yoga, and the physical asana practice is only 1/8. The vital “other eighths” of yoga we tap into with Conscious Colors include deep breathing, meditation, focus, and attuning into one’s higher consciousness through the senses. Read the Conscious Colors Blog to Learn More

About Color Aromaabout Conscious Colors

Color Aroma is an innovation in holistic wellness, combining two modalities into one: Color Therapy meets Aromatherapy with our unique scents of color. Our Color Aroma Oils and Mists are made with pure essential oils, no synthetic fragrances, and are mostly organic. When you inhale any Color Aroma you’ll immediately get transported into the scent of the color, plus get a deep sense of the color’s intention that fills your nervous system, mind, and your emotional center.

Far beyond how you typically experience color, when you experience a Color Aroma, your most powerful sense (your sense of smell) reaches the limbic system of your brain, which affects your long term memory. This is powerful as each Color Aroma gives you its greatest benefit– emotionally, energetically, and therapeutically, with its coordinating affirmation.

about Conscious Colors

With your daily application and use of your Color Aroma Oils and Mists, you’ll be helping your mind remember that (in this example) you are loving; that pink is loving; and that every time you see pink you can feel and receive and experience loving. A strong relay system is activated from the simple act of inhaling your Color Aroma and reciting its affirmation that moves the intention into your memory and your daily life. And it’s easy and enjoyable! Read the Healing Art of Color AromaTherapy Here

Each Color Aroma combines our wise Conscious Colors Therapy principles with pure essential oils from specific plants and flowers that embody color energy benefits. This is the true uniqueness of Color Aroma. This includes using specific essential oils that give you the scent experience of the color, as well as the coordinating therapeutic benefits of the Color Therapy. Each Color Aroma Oil/Mist also follows the principles of modern perfumery– utilizing three essential oils with a base note, middle note, and top note so that the sensitive olfactory system is not overloaded and you can get a clear sense of the scent of color.

Our packaging is also infused with much conscious intention. The stunning royal blue glass bottles help to preserve the light living energy of the essential oils inside (note- never buy essential oils packaged in plastic!), as well as stimulate your intuitive mind through your pineal gland, which helps your whole body receive light and color. In addition, the white caps project the energy of wholeness, as the frequency of white contains all color energies, and the glass-beaded caps help you to meditate with color and light as you choose your Color Aromas for the day or simply see them on your dresser.

All Color Aroma products are lovingly made by hand, here in Los Osos, CA, USA, including our signature, beautiful glass-beaded caps, which are sanded and glued by hand. Constance Hart still makes each and every master blend by hand, and we enjoy purchasing all of our bottles and labels right here in the USA.

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Our Team

A fun fact about Conscious Colors is that we naturally attract and employ people that care about holistic health and wellness, and want to contribute to the planet in loving and conscious ways. We’re a small, but effective team who enjoy helping others. I’m lucky in that many of the production assistants I’ve hired are certified Color Aroma Therapists who love the Color Aroma products! There is a real sense of pride, joy, and care that goes into each and every bottle.

While my production team, studio, and quantities have expanded greatly since the early years, these pictures from the “early days” capture the gleaming spirits that have lovingly been involved with the expansion of the Color Aroma Oils and Mists.

Scroll down below for a little background story.

-Constance Hart, Founder/Developer Conscious Colors • Color Aroma

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about Conscious Colors

about Conscious Colors

about Conscious Colors


about Conscious Colors

A Little Background Story from Founder Constance Hart

I actually started making the Color Aroma Oils 16 years ago! Initially, I made them a single bottle at a time, with handwritten labels, for my private Color Therapy clients. As my Chakra Restorative Yoga™ program expanded in Los Angeles, CA, I started bringing a bag-full of Color Aroma Oils to my workshops. Students would purchase them after class, right there, just sitting on the yoga studio floor! Once I expanded into larger venues, teaching Color Therapy and Chakra Yoga workshops worldwide, Conscious Colors started getting magazine coverage. Take a look at some of the magazines Color Aroma and I have been featured in. Click Here to See Magazine Coverage


In about 2005, I started getting many requests from other healing arts practitioners, including massage therapists, estheticians, salon professionals, and yoga instructors, to learn the complete Conscious Colors chakra balancing system I created. I worked diligently to create a wonderful comprehensive certification course and coordinating wholesale program, so that I could share the Color Aroma Oils and Mists with the spa, salon, and yoga industries. I even opened up a training center on the beautiful central coast of California where I invited students worldwide to come and get certified in this incredible niche art I’ve created that is Color Aroma™ Therapy. It’s been an incredible privilege and joy sharing the light of colors with others in this way.

about Conscious Colors

The Color Aroma Oils and Mists have been used almost exclusively by a variety of healing arts, spa, salon, and yoga professionals for the last ten years, but now, you can, too!

You can expand your personal journey by learning the complete Color Aroma Therapy program ONLINE!

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It’s an exciting time to join us and explore the wonderful world of Conscious Colors! The beautiful Color Aroma Oils and Mists have been completely re-packaged and re-branded so that they can reach an even greater audience and teach more people how to utilize Color Therapy to enhance their wellness.

Our Well Being Formula is simple yet profound: Color + Aroma + Intention = Well Being Click Here to Find Your Colors

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