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The word “Chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheel,” denoting a spinning wheel of energy. The origin of the chakra system is yoga, not reiki, as some practitioners have been taught.The ancient philosophy of yoga teaches that each Chakra is an inner energy center that awakens and moves vital life force energy throughout the body. The chakra centers live within the body, and source energy in all directions.

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The chakra emanating locations, as well as the areas that they govern are vital focal points for the Conscious Colors modality. We utilize these locations as guides for color meditation and visualization, as well as anointing points for the Color Aroma Oils.

chakrasEvery organ and gland, as well as your central nervous system, receives a necessary flow of energy from the Chakra energy centers. Eventually, states of higher consciousness and optimal wellness are experienced.

You have 7 major Chakra centers, and a special harmony exists between your Chakras and Color Energy.

chakrasThese charts show the seven rainbow rays connected to the seven major chakras. Each Chakra’s coordinating Color Therapy awakens the Chakra’s movement and mirrors its state of optimal vibrancy. Other energies that can awaken the chakra include scent and sound vibrations. Of course, that is a greater purpose of the Color Aroma Oils and Mists

The Yoga Sutras teach that meditating on the Sun is a doorway to the Universe. Conscious Colors offers that meditating with the Color rays of sunlight is a conscious path to a deep connection.
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More on the Chakras from Chakra Yoga Expert Constance Hart:

“Many people misunderstand the chakras once they learn about the connection between the chakras and your organs/glands/physical “symptoms.” I hear from people all the time that they are attempting to fix what has gone wrong. Please consider this as a more gentle way to work with your new understanding of the chakras: when the body is showing a physical symptom it is merely displaying 1) an area of the bodymindspirit that is wanting more attention and thus attempting to get your attention and 2) that energy is in the process of positive change. Yes! I said positive! How can that be you ask- if my body is giving me a negative symptom? These chakras are energy wheels, meaning they are helping energy to move. Energy is always on its way to somewhere else, sometimes your body needs to release symptoms in its quest to reach a different more positive destination. Ultimately, the guidance here is to always apply PATIENCE and SELF LOVE to any change that is occurring in your body and to remember that your body is part of an entire bodymindspirit, so when one realm is in the process of change, so are the others. This is true holistic healing!”
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