Pink Healing for Allowing

Pink Healing for Allowing

This Pink healing offers you an opportunity to deepen into the energy of love, self love, and unconditional love as a path to understanding that your body, your mind, and your emotions truly aren’t “out to get you,” rather most-certainly, they are here to assist you. Read More

Orange Color Therapy- Resiliency

Attuning with Orange Color Therapy

Attuning yourself with Orange Color Therapy will help you attune to the qualities of flexibility and fluidity. The Orange ray is related to your sacral chakra, which governs your bladder and kidneys (water energy), as well as the female reproductive organs. When you think of water, don’t you think of fluidity and flow?

Having the energy of fluidity on your side means you can flow with “what is” in any given moment, whether it’s something you want or something you don’t want in life. This is such a freeing energy and wildly creative! Read More

White Light Re-Set

Is it Time to Re-Set With the Mother of all Colors?

A White Light Re-Set will tune you with the energy of wholeness. For the energy of White is really what you’re seeing when you see the rainbow. Embedded in that white frequency Read More

Energy Balancing for Fertility

Energy Balancing for Fertility

Energy balancing for fertility with Conscious Colors offers a way to attune your body being to four key color rays that will support your fertility journey. I recommend : Orange, Pale Blue, Pink, and Gold. Read More

Post Eclipse Re-Balancing Tips

Post Eclipse Re-Balancing Tips

Balancing Your Solar and Lunar Energies Within

We may be post eclipse, but we aren’t beyond the solar and lunar energy joining in this way. In fact, we are still in the “glow” of this entire energy effect until the Fall Equinox on September 22, 2017.

Did you experience the moon solar eclipse in some way? Are you feeling any after effects?

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Pale Blue Color Aroma for Sleep

Pale Blue Color Aroma for Sleep

What an ally the Pale Blue frequency is! It can truly provide peace. If you or your clients/patients/students have trouble getting to sleep and having deep restful sleep, the entire bodymindspirit can benefit from introducing this color ray. Sure, applying the Pale Blue Color Aroma Oil for sleep at night before bedtime is important, but this color ray’s benefits extend to managing emotions throughout the day. Starting early is suggested, so that by the time bedtime rolls around, the mind is ready to relax and let go.  Read More

Deep Violet Rescue Remedy

Deep Violet Rescue Remedy

A Deep Violet rescue remedy can be a helpful Color Therapy ally when you need to balance over-indulging. Summer is a great time to connect with this balance ray, since we tend to be more in rhythm with energizing stimulating colors during this season. While the yellow ray tends to be stimulating and activating for the liver center’s energy, Deep Violet can support and re-balance over-use of this energy. Read More

Green Color Therapy for Overactivity

Green Color Therapy for Overactivity

It feels phenomenal to be physically active. At the same time, it’s possible to over-use physical activity for a variety of reasons, including to produce temporary endorphin rushes. That rush may feel great in the moment, but it shouldn’t replace a healthy feeling of having consistent energy. It’s important to help yourself/your clients/patients/students avoid burning out the body’s physical energy reserves. In subtle energy body terms this means avoid “burning out the root chakra.” Green Color Therapy offers a way to help. Then why is this image Bright Red?! Read More

Start your Day with Bright Red Energy

Bright Red Energy Practice

Happy Bright Red Energy day to you! I love Valentine’s Day, as there’s an abundance of color energy everywhere. It’s super fun enjoying all the pink and red displays of hearts, but you can also take REAL advantage of all that exposure to color for deep wellness benefits. Are you ready?! Now is truly time to reap benefits of the red ray. Of course, Conscious Colors is here to help.

Bright Red Energy is stimulating, activating, and energizing. In Conscious Colors Therapy it’s your ‘energetic cup of coffee’ for your entire physical body. Read More

Vogue Color Therapy

Vogue Color Therapy Article Features Constance Hart

Color Therapy Expert Constance Hart was interviewed by Vogue magazine about How Color Improves Moods. Constance talks about different colors and how they affect us in the article, and Editor Liana Satenstein went all the way with her exploration of color, changing her outfits daily. Read More

Crown Chakra Practice

Crown Chakra Practice

This Crown Chakra Practice will help you “ground down from the crown” with Deep Violet color energy. I highly suggest this practice if you want to increase the feeling of trust in your body. We’ll utilize Deep Violet Color Aroma in this practice as it is the perfect ally to help you ground into your physical body from a place of trust and non-efforting. Read More

Choose Color to Inspire Your Day

Choose Color to Inspire Your Day

For me, wearing color is as natural as the sun coming up every morning. To choose color, I either let myself be guided to the color(s) that I’m drawn to or I consciously select the colors that will tune me into the moods that I’d like to be in.

Dressing colorfully isn’t for everyone, so here are some other really great (and easy) ways to consciously bring more color into your life to impact your day. Read More

Better than self acceptance

Could there be something better than self acceptance?

Self acceptance. You’ve heard all about it. It’s usually a popular self-help goal for most practitioners of self improvement and wellness. I know it has helped me over the years. Yet as I’ve expanded my
understanding and practice of how we can actually change our lives for the better, Read More

Purification Chakra Practice

Purification Chakra Practice for Stress Release

Your purification chakra, Vissudha Chakra, energetically governs the area from your shoulders to your ears, and everything in between. This is a vitally important chakra: after all, its sanskrit name means “to purify,” and it is the physical bridge between the heart and the mind. Read More

Color Therapy Affirmations

Using Color Therapy Affirmations

Color Therapy Affirmations can change your life for the better, because positive affirmations are so powerful! Have you heard that 1 positive word has more power than 100 negative ones?
Your thoughts and words so greatly influence your body’s energy that consciously choosing positive words over negating ones has a positive influence. In my chakra yoga classes I teach, “Where the mind goes energy flows.” Read More

Sacral Chakra Meditation

A Sacral Chakra Meditation with Orange Color Therapy

This sacral chakra meditation will help your physical body by energetically assisting your internal water balance through your bladder and kidneys. A vitally important chakra since you are over 70% water in physical composition. Yet, your sacral chakra is even more important to your emotional well being as it helps you flow with your emotions.  Read More

Green Color Therapy Practice

Green Color Therapy Practice for Balance

This Green Color Therapy practice provides the gift of balance. The color green lies directly in the middle of the visible light spectrum, lending a major clue to its true identity as the master balancer. Interesting, though, is in green’s two fractions, yellow and blue, lie opposite effects. Yellow is stimulating and Blue is calming. Yet, when blended together, a perfect balance is achieved. Read More

“I am Loving” Meditation

“I am Loving” Meditation- Pink Practice

This I am Loving Meditation Practice  is super easy and the meditation can take as little as 5 minutes! Read through the instructions 1st to prepare. Then, bring to mind what you are desiring more love around right now.

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The Subtle Energy Body

Let’s Make the Complex Subtle Energy Body Easier to Understand!

Do you know that your subtle energy body is what’s really “running the show” of you?

Look at you… energy channels/points/centers/energy flow. Wow! Complex, right?!

There’s this whole intricate network of energy within your subtle energy body that’s “behind the scenes” of your daily physical, mental, and emotional experiences. Read More

Root Chakra Meditation

Root Chakra Meditation with Red Color Therapy

Each color ray is a wavelength, a vibration, a frequency of light that you also have within your body being. At any time a particular color energy vibration can be missing or dim, or as I prefer to say “less present,” or “wanting attention.” With regard to the RED frequency, you’ll know when you need more of this Color Therapy when you Read More

Color Attractions

Your Color Attractions and Meanings

Did you know that the colors you’re attracted to are usually the frequencies your body is most needing for more harmony and balance? The energy part of you is needing more exposure to the energy frequencies of these colors. You’re drawn to these colors because you need them. If you have strong attractions to particular colors, Read More

Embracing Emotions

Embracing Emotions- Sacral Chakra Practice

Embracing emotions requires creativity! This is where Color Therapy with the Orange ray comes in to assist. Every color has a message and a special gift that benefits your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. The message of the fluid color ray Orange is: “I am creative,” and we’re not talking about artistic talent, here!  Read More

Chakra Yoga

Chakra Yoga and Color Therapy are connected

Are you wondering how Color Therapy relates to Yoga? Great! I’m happy to help explain. Yoga is actually the foundation and birth place of all the Conscious Colors programs, courses, and practices I’ve created and teach. I’ve been a most committed, diligent, passionate student of what some call the more  Read More

Constance Hart Talks Color Therapy

Constance Hart Talks Color Therapy

on Elizabeth Barrett’s show “The Reluctant Therapist” on KCBX FM. We had some great callers with excellent questions about Color Therapy! If you’re curious about why and how Color Therapy works to support the balance of your bodymindspirit, be sure to give this a listen. Read More

Color Therapy Tip

Color Therapy Tip for Adjusting to Change

Have you ever noticed how when the seasons change you want to as well?  or you simply do….. or your life does…. whether you wanted to or not?  It’s good to be in rhythm with nature!  It just takes practice and awareness to prepare for transition/change, as well as to actually enjoy comfort with it.

Read More

Color Therapy Tip

Color Therapy Tip- Utilizing Red & Pink in February

Have you noticed the predominance of pink and red everywhere this month?  February is typically the month we are inundated with pink and red, due to Valentine’s Day, so let’s take advantage of this helpful self-balancing color combination with some color therapy guidance. Read More

Color Therapy Tip

Color Therapy Tip for New Year’s Weight Loss

Your great Color Aroma Therapy solution for jump-starting a great weight loss plan? Pink! The Color Energy Message of Pink is self love and it goes a long way to creating the energy environment to a new slimmer body. Learn all about the wellness benefits of Pink Color Therapy in this post. Read More

Color Therapy for Pregnancy

Color Therapy for Pregnancy Tips

Are you expecting?  If so, I can’t stress enough how you need to fill your energy storage tank up!  After all, you and your energy body are serving 2 (or more) now, and that simply is going to require a fill-up more often. Can Color Therapy tools help you while you’re expecting? Absolutely! Color can provide Read More