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About Constance Hart, Color Therapy Expert

color therapy expert

Color Therapy Expert Constance Hart, is Founder/ Developer of Conscious Colors®, Color Aroma™, and the Chakra Restorative Yoga™ program. A true Visionary and Pioneer in the field of Color Therapy, Constance has created several ways to help wellness professionals utilize color energy therapeutically 1) Color Aroma, the innovation of Color Therapy and Aromatherapy combined 2) Chakra Yoga specialty programs and 3) Color Spa™ treatments. She also advises businesses in the psychology of color.

An internationally recognized Color Therapist, Constance is a master educator with a foundation of yoga philosophy and over 27 years teaching experience and students/clients worldwide. Her overall focus is supporting holistic wellness. Constance trains and certifies professional practitioners in the Conscious Colors Color Aroma Certification Course, as well as specialty programs including Color Spa, The Healer’s Course, and the Chakra Restorative Yoga Teacher’s Training. Constance is also a published author, frequent workshop presenter, and speaker. Click Here to Discuss Booking or Request a Writing Sample

Constance is in high demand as a Color Therapy Expert, an Aromatherapy spokesperson, and a Chakra Yoga Training advisor. She is a sought-after writer for editorial content, plus a popular guest for tv/radio/magazine/video interviews. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines including Vogue, Natural Health, Massage, SPA, Fit Yoga, LA Yoga and more. Click Here to View Press and Media

Professional Clients include Homedics, Philosophy, Disney, Alan Edwards Salon, Warner Brothers Records, Paint Shop Beverly Hills, Yoga Flow SF, PremaYoga, Nature’s Secret, Think, Inc., Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort, Cal Poly University, Fred Sands Realty, Insight Yoga, Qu People, as well as the actors Jennifer Jason Leigh, Enrico Colantoni and Tracee Ross. Read a Press Release Here

Constance got her professional start as a regional salon manager and corporate trainer for the Glemby Corporation in Chicago, IL. She then started her own salon consultancy in Beverly Hills, CA and a holistic design firm, Life Design, in Los Angeles, CA. She worked with Aura Soma, U.S.A. to create color therapy teaching tools. Constance has taught yoga for over 27 years, teaching all over the world, as well as at the Conscious Colors Energy Center, which she opened in 2008. Her hands are attuned to reiki, and her work is also informed by studying/practicing/teaching the law of attraction, feng shui, Feldenkrais, and more “esoteric” studies of mind cosmology.

Currently, Constance is diligently expanding Conscious Colors to integrative medicine doctors, holistic nurses, and other health professionals with a plan to undergo several case studies on the efficacy of Color Energy Therapy and the impact that Color Aroma can have on Alzheimer’s disease.  Click to Read the Conscious Colors Mission

Speaking/Exhibiting/Teaching Schedule:

Central Coast Women’s Symposium: March 11, 2017, San Luis Obispo, CA

Conscious Colors Course: Color Sound Healing, March 26, April 2, 2017 Green Lotus Center, Morro Bay, CA

New Living Expo: April 28-30, 2017 Marin, CA

International Light Association: April 30, May 1, 2017, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Conscious Colors Course: Certification Course June 23-26, 2017 Green Lotus Center, Morro Bay, CA

IONS International Conference: July 20-24, 2017, Oakland, CA

Face & Body Expo: August 26-29, 2017, San Jose, CA

AMTA National Convention: September 14-16, 2017, Pasadena, CA

Conscious Colors Course: Certification Course September 22-27, 2017 Green Lotus Center, Morro Bay, CA

Imagery International Conference: October 20-22, 2017, Menlo, Park, CA

Conscious Colors Immersion: November, 2017, Lumeria, Maui, HI

Chakra Yoga: PremaYoga Teacher’s Training, December, 2017

Want to learn the Background Story of Color Aroma?

color therapy expert

Here’s Constance’s personal story:

I actually started making the first version of Color Aroma Oils 16 years ago! Back then I made a single bottle at a time just for my private Color Therapy and Chakra Yoga clients/students– in amber bottles with handwritten labels, a little color dot sticker on a (gasp!) black cap. I knew I wanted to package Color Aroma in the beautiful royal blue glass bottles with white caps they’re in now, but it required a greater investment. So, as my Chakra Restorative Yoga™ program expanded in Los Angeles, CA, I started bringing a bag-full of Color Aroma Oils to my workshops. They started selling out and students would purchase them after class, right there, just sitting on the yoga studio floor! In fact, I’m proud to share I’m one of the pioneers in blending yoga with a healing arts practice. I was one of the first yoga instructors in Los Angeles to utilize essential oils, as well as tuning forks, in classes.

I reinvested every dollar made into creating the beautiful art the Color Aroma line is today.

Look at this early version of Color Aroma label – a butterfly- to simply denote change:

color therapy expert

Check out the next incarnation of the Color Aroma(s):

color therapy expert

Now Color Aroma by Conscious Colors shines brightly with descriptive labels:

color therapy expert

color therapy expert

Further sharing the light:

After getting many requests from other healing arts practitioners, massage therapists, estheticians, yoga instructors, art therapists, counselors, and salon professionals to learn the complete Conscious Colors Color Therapy and Chakra Balancing System, I dedicated a year to creating a comprehensive certification course,  with coordinating wholesale program, so that other professional practitioners can share the Color Aroma Oils and Mists. I owned a training center for five years where students worldwide visited to get certified in Color Aroma™ Therapy. I later closed my center to travel to teach and now with changing times, I offer the course online. Usually, I schedule a live course annually.

The Conscious Colors Wellness Center:

color therapy expert

Color Aroma has been sold almost exclusively by wellness, spa, salon, healing arts, wellness, and yoga professionals, but we’re busy expanding Color Aroma with doctors and nurses, into hospitals, and select retail locations. If you’re interested in carrying Color Aroma, Click Here to Apply for a Wholesale Account

At Conscious Colors headquarters, we’re also training Independent Sales Reps and Product Consultants to advance Color Therapy into the mainstream.
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