Color Therapy Consults with Color Therapy Expert Constance Hart

A private consultation with me is one of the most worthwhile investments you’ll make. The sessions I offer include the use of my intuitive abilities, as well as over 28 years experience in the healing arts.

Consults are Available Via Email, Phone, In Person* Scroll Down for Options

I call myself a guide, a teacher, and a “color voyant.” Some of my clients call me a “coach.”

Most certainly, I serve as an ally to help you shift from where you are, to where you wish to be.

Due to my unique gifts, I see you and/or your business in an already in-lightened version, ahead of what you may currently be seeing/feeling/experiencing. I also “hear” and “see” words in color. It’s really like seeing you in the frequency energy version of you, rather than simply the physical.

This unique “language of color” I’m tapped into provides me with a clear picture of where you may be blocked, or blocking, or simply just not in alignment with the harmony and reality you seek.

In your session, I’ll channel guidance specific to your situation, that includes useful practices for your daily life, plus your personal Color Prescription™ that includes a combination of colors and intentional affirmations you’ll be able to meditate with to shift your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.

If you are ready to live a powerful life, in line with your highest dreams and goals, have great relationships, love and an abundance of money/opportunities flowing in…schedule a session with Constance. After following her advise and working with the Color Aromas and visualizations, 2 weeks later I met the man of my dreams and purchased the yoga studio that I now own and run.”

Gisela Powell, Yoga Studio Owner

For Personal Development: You’ll receive a clear path of guidance attuned to the highest lightest version of yourself. The Conscious Colors process can help you better real-ize that version by bringing your thoughts, emotions, and physical frequency into greater alignment with this desired future vision of your life.

For Professional Development: I help massage therapists, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, yoga instructors, counselors, nurses, aromatherapists, healers, integrative doctors, spa and salon professionals, caregivers, art therapists, and more, develop and expand their private practices. Because I see, hear, and feel words through colors, I literally see things from a different perspective– one tapped into frequency. I’ll reflect back to you where your words, intentions, and actions are not in alignment, and help you align energetically, emotionally, and mentally to what you desire, to ultimately help you attract exactly that.

For Businesses: I consult with you on your visions, goals, mission, and overall intentions for/with your business. Then I take you through a unique color selection process that marries the essence of your business with the emotions and moods you want your business to convey. After all, colors are communicators and they can do a lot of your work for you. I’ve consulted on everything from business cards/websites/flyers, etc., to decorating work space interiors, to clothing and uniforms, utilizing the Conscious Colors psychology and emotions of colors. I adore helping businesses convey themselves in this way! Click Here to Discuss

Filling your personal Color Aroma Prescription™ will help you manifest your desires as you consciously attune with them on a regular basis in a most-profound way.  Click Here to Read Testimonials

*In-office appointments are offered in Los Osos, CA or inquire about setting up group appointments at your location (additional travel fees apply).

As a gifted and skilled Color Therapist and Chakra Intuitive, I’m here to inspire you and gently guide you to the lightest brightest version of yourself. These personal and professional support sessions will remind you of your higher self and you will leave feeling clearer, lighter, wiser, happier and absolutely motivated to take positive action in your life. Whether you need a physical healing, mental clarity, emotional soothing or spiritual deepening, these sessions will help create a positive shift and provide you with a usable blueprint for having well being in your daily life.”

Choose Your Consult Here:

Starter Color Therapy Consult VIA EMAIL

Want clear customized guidance for a specific physical, emotional or spiritual challenge? This conscious “conversation” will help clear your path to creating a positive shift. Your Email consult will take you through a focused inquiry. You’ll receive instructions for a special meditation with color, and you’ll email back a paragraph of specifics about one particular issue. I’ll prepare some personalized guidance tips and tools for focusing your thoughts and energies, plus you’ll receive a customized Color Prescription with channeled affirmations just for you. Your prescription is a helpful Color Therapy Guide to the exact combination of colors that can help you in your daily life. Take your consultation a step further and get the prescribed Color Aroma colors so you can use them daily as your healing allies.
One Email Conscious “Conversation,” $35
includes Custom Color Prescription (Color Aroma products at additional cost)
You will receive instructions for the consult after signing up.


The Color Therapy has really given my meditations more focus now and now that I have my affirmations memorized, they pop in my head when I start getting stressed– it’s a gentle reprogramming. I find myself more mindful of my energy.”

Annie Vallesteros

Phone Sessions

You’ll enjoy a customized holistic wellness session/reading that includes a combination of any of the following: Color Therapy meditation/attunement, guidance about your unique chakra balance, discussion about your wants/needs for your physical, emotional and spiritual being, key practices to help you stay in alignment with your highest lightest self.

PLUS wise channeled guidance that will illuminate your path to wellness. You may also use this consult for business/professional practice guidance.

One Hour Session also includes a comprehensive follow up Email with key points, practices, and your personalized Color Aroma Prescription™ that includes your channeled healing affirmations. (products additional)

Many of my regular Phone Session clients find an incredible freedom over the phone, as sometimes it’s easier to “get out of your own way” when you’re not feeling the presence of someone else looking at you.
INTRODUCTORY 1/2 hour, $45
1st time call
1/2 hour, $65
After 1st time call
1 hour, $155
includes follow up Email with Custom Color Therapy Prescription (products additional)
You will receive instructions for the call after signing up.
**Package Rates Available**


With her grace, skill, kindness and intuition, Color Therapy Expert Constance Hart always shifts my energy over the phone. She gets to the heart of any matter by skillfully tuning into my energy, words and vibrations. I am transformed by her work…and empowered. I feel happier and more relaxed. Her work is absolutely remarkable”

Tara Clair Candoli, psychotherapist

Let me serve you as an enlightened channel to your higher self. When I open a channel for you, guidance comes through the colors, and I get a sense of where you’re in alignment with your highest intentions and where you feel blocked. Certain colors are revealed, as well as supportive appealing affirmations that will sound “familiar,” because they’re really messages from your inner higher self. I always feel honored and privileged to be able to support my clients in this way.”

Ed I

Color Therapy Energy Healing/Reading

You’ll enjoy a customized metaphysical energy balancing session including Intuitive Reading, Color Discovery Meditation, needless acupuncture with my special Color Sound Tuning Forks and a complete Color Aroma application. You’ll also receive your personalized Color Prescription* with channeled affirmations to guide your daily Color Aroma routine. You’ll leave feeling clear and enlightened, ready for positive changes!

Some sessions are greatly focused on the chakras, others, the aura. Many times the entire first session will be a Color Intuitive Reading. The tuning fork component offers incredible physical healing, just like acupuncture only without the needles and specific energy approaches. I have greatly helped clients heal from arthritis, ADHD, high and low blood pressure, liver, heart, thyroid, immune system, digestive and colon issues, as well as facial rejuvenation and anti-aging benefits!

I always respect the guidance I receive, as I work in concert with your guides. Package Rates are best and will help you make a commitment to filling your vibrational ‘gas tank’ to keep you and your energy running smoothly.

Los Osos, CA:
1 hour, 1st time introductory rate, $90
1 hour, after 1st time, $120
1.5 hours, $175
* Color Prescription is a personalized Color Therapy regimen– Color Aroma products at additional charge
**Package Rates Available**


Out of Town Locations:
1.5 hours, $240 
includes Color Prescription


Color Essence Soul Reading- at my Los Osos, CA office or via 1 Email + Phone Consult

A thoroughly insightful session that will put you at ease as you learn of your personal soul’s journey in this “lifetime.” Through color you will gain access to your unique path, challenges, energetic disposition, strengths and goals through the eyes of your soul essence. This session will inspire you to be the spirit-soul that you came here to be. Most people feel very inspired and clear after the Soul Reading. Treat yourself to this profound session, and you’ll feel at peace with yourself at a very deep level.
2-2.5 hrs, $275
includes color essence overview


My healing work with Color Therapy Expert Constance Hart  supports me in a way no other work ever has. During a particularly tough time, Constance has listened and helped me address my obstacles and emotional reactions using colorful soul work that results in such relief. I have studied and worked with many modalities of healing, with coaches, mentors, teachers and healers all my life. The way Constance observes, shares and guides from her experience and knowledge includes such compassion that touches my soul. Her gift is being a light.”

Kathleen Mierswa, Director, Pacific Lending Group/World Financial

Complete Chakra Reading- Los Osos Office, Email or Phone

This comprehensive session utilizes the unique Conscious Colors approach and methodology of Color Therapy to determine which specific Chakra centers need attention, which may be overactive,what your “personal power” Chakras are and where you may be blocked.
We’ll discover your key color energy allies to bring your Chakra system into better balance. Your Color Aroma Prescription will reveal a particular alignment of 7 colors, unique to balance your Chakras. You’ll also leave with a personalized kit of the coordinating 7 Color Aroma Oils to treat your energy daily. This is a valuable session!

2.5 hrs, $375
Includes personal Chakra & Color Prescription, complete Chakra Balancing packet, Color Prescription PLUS a personalized Color Aroma Chakra Wellness Kit (a $158 value)


If you are ready to live a powerful life, in line with your highest dreams and goals, have great relationships, love and an abundance of money/opportunities flowing in…schedule a session with Constance. After following her advise and working with the Color Aromas and visualizations, 2 weeks later I met the man of my dreams and purchased the yoga studio that I now own and run.”

Gisela Powell, Yoga Studio Owner