Chakra Balancing Guided Meditations

Individual Chakra Balancing Guided Meditations with Constance Hart

chakra balancing guided meditations


Get 7 Chakra Balancing Guided Meditations you can listen to on any device, plus download for future meditating.

Each meditation is approx 45 minutes long, and you can take your classes whenever you like.

Experience well being. You’ll love this program!


  • Learn how to easily tune into the power of your Chakras
  • Help focus your thoughts, breath, and energy to experience true chakra awakening
  • Deepen into greater awareness about each chakra
  • Harmonize your bodymindspirit
  • Simple, yet, powerful meditations are easy to follow and practice on your own
  • Pause, rewind, replay as you like
  • Gain more wisdom about where you need to focus your energy
  • Soothe imbalances easily and thoroughly
  • Get advanced guidance and suggestions for the best ways to utilize your Color Aroma Chakra Wellness Kit for the best results
  • Change your life for the better from the inside out!
  • Instructors/Therapists/Counselors/Healers: you will learn more!

Pay As you Go Plan: Single Chakra Meditations $11 each

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Get All 7 Chakra Meditations just $65



The Color Chakra Journey™

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This is a metaphysical healing journey that takes you through all 7 major chakras. Each meditation is approx 45 minutes long and a unique journey into your inner being with deep breathing practices, color visualizations, color healing affirmations, and guided Conscious Colors imagery.

This is Constance Hart’s exclusive class taught live at many venues over the years.

Includes TWO Audio Meditation Journeys- just $22





Develop a deeper sense of abundance, grounding, and feeling stable and secure in your physical body with this Root Chakra Meditation.







Awaken creativity, emotional connection, and your ability to flow with change with this Sacral Chakra Meditation.









Awaken joy, clarity, confidence, and your ability to shine in your unique personality with this Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation.










Deepen into a sense of balance, spaciousness around time, and your open heart center with this Heart Chakra Meditation.








Awaken your ability to communicate peacefully, feel peaceful, and soothe stress with this Purification Chakra Meditation.









Awaken your imagination, visions and ability to trust you intuition with this Inner Eye Chakra Meditation.









Awaken your inner light, connection to your higher self and your ability to tap into energy outside your physical body with this Crown Chakra Meditation.






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chakra balancing guided meditations
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