Chakra Yoga Teacher’s Training

Get fully trained in Chakra Healing Yoga™, formerly known as Chakra Restorative Yoga™

chakra restorative headerThis Conscious Colors program is a unique fusion of chakra-specific yoga practices and color energy healing with Color Aroma that awakens, balances and restores the subtle energy body.

Studios interested in adding the Chakra Yoga Teacher’s Training to your existing TT program, you may purchase the written manual or book Constance Hart to teach the elective. Contact Conscious Colors Here





You Will Learn:

    • An In Depth Overview of the Subtle Energy Body
    • Comprehensive Study of the 7 major chakras and 3 minor chakras
    • The Metaphysics of the Chakra System
    • Why/How Color Energy Relates to the Chakras
    • Specific Restorative Yoga Asanas for the Chakras
    • Vital Chakra Pranayama Practices
    • Unique Mudras that Awaken the Chakras
    • Mantras for the Chakras
    • How to Utilize the Bandhas for Chakra Balancing
    • How to Use the Color Aroma Oils to awaken and restore energy in the Chakras
    • 6 Complete Chakra Yoga Class Sequences & why only 6 are needed to awaken 7 chakras!

This Program Will Help You:

    • Understand what the Chakra system is, why and how it relates to the entire bodymindspirit
    • Awaken dormant energy in your own body
    • Learn the deeper metaphysical connections to the chakras
    • Support others in awakening and balancing their chakras
    • Utilize Chakra awareness as a tool for self-balancing
    • Structure and teach the complete Chakra Restorative Yoga™ series
    • Lead guided meditations and visualizations related to the Chakras
    • Balance yourself and others with the Color Aroma Oils & Mists
    • Stand out in your field offering this specialty program

You Will Receive:

    • A Comprehensive Training Manual with Valuable Reference Sheets
    • Colorful Chakra Reference Sheets & Complete Chakra Guide
    • A Comprehensive Reading List
    • A Complete Color Aroma Chakra Wellness Kit including 7 Color Aroma Oils
    • Q & A Follow Up Email
    • Practitioner Discounts on future Color Aroma purchases
    • Special Private Mentoring Offer

Course Dates:

5 Full Days– October 5th – 9th, 2018
Green Lotus Center, Morro Bay, CA

NOTE: This is an elective course to any yoga teacher’s training program and not meant to replace basic yoga training.  Prior experience with yoga and/or restorative yoga in particular is recommended.  Also recommended is the Conscious Colors Online Course.