Color Therapy Course

color therapy course onlineGet fully trained in Color Therapy, Color Aroma™ Therapy, and Chakra Balancing techniques in this comprehensive Color Therapy Course.

color therapy online course

Become a Certified Color Aroma Therapist

To become a Certified Color Aroma™ Therapist, you simply complete the Color Therapy Online Course, homeplay exercises, two case studies, and pass the two quizzes included. 

This comprehensive professional and personal training will help you impact other people positively, as well as transform your own life with Color Therapy.

Professionally, this Color Therapy Certification Course is ideal for massage therapists, estheticians, spa professionals, aromatherapists, energy workers, counselors, therapists, naturopathic doctors, holistic nurses, artists, yoga instructors and interior designers who want to add a profound holistic innovation to their offerings.

Personally, this course is for anyone who wants to expand their understanding of colors, chakras, and energy. You will learn how Color Aroma™ influences the bodymindpsirit, how vital the Chakra system is to overall health, and how to create holistic wellness on all levels. All students have the opportunity to apply to become a Certified Color Aroma Therapist.

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Color Therapy Course

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You Will Learn:

    • Key Chakra Theory
    • Vital Energy Pathways
    • Exclusive system of Chakra Metaphysics
    • Color Therapy Basics
    • Tools of Color Psychology
    • The Language of Color™ and the healing benefits of 13 key color energies
    • How to relate color to the Chakras
    • Key Chakra imbalances in the physical body
    • How to utilize Color Therapy to help diagnose and treat various metaphysical imbalances
    • Innovative Color Healing Techniques
    • How to Utilize Color Therapy with any Healing Modality
    • Vital Breathing Techniques
    • The effects of color in your work space
    • Why aromatherapy is so powerful and important in healing
    • In depth overview of the subtle energy body including the Aura
    • When and why to treat the Aura
    • The unique methodology of Color Aroma Therapy
    • Complete Color Aroma Product Training for 20 Color Aroma Therapy products (including 12 Color Aroma Oils and 8 Color Aroma Mists)
    • Energy Healing Overview of 26 aromatic essential oils
    • How to Utilize the Color Aroma in Sessions
    • How to Create Healing Affirmations
    • The Complete Color Aroma™ Therapy Session Protocol
    • How to Write Color Prescriptions™ (a Conscious Colors exclusive) and more!

This Program Will Help You Professionally:

    • Learn a simple and clear way to help others transform their lives.
    • Enjoy a new career in the healing arts or expand your current profession.
    • Stand out in your field by offering an innovative, highly effective modality.
    • Supplement your current income.
    • Enjoy easy product up-sells without the pressure of selling.
    • Experience work that gives you energy, rather than drains you of energy.
    • Restore your own well being every time you work.


This Program Will Help You Personally:

    • See Color in a completely new, full and life changing way.
    • Transform your bodymindspirit.
    • Realize your full potential as light living energy living in a human body.
    • Highly value the body’s strongest most powerful sense, the olfactory sense.
    • Have your own personal healing journey with Color Therapy throughout the course and balance your Chakras.
    • Renew your sensitivities, intuition and personal power.
    • Restore well being in the body’s cells, glands, organs and major systems, as well as influence the mind and emotions positively.

You Will Receive:

    • Comprehensive 4-Module Webinar (each class is approx 2.5 hrs) with power point presentation and ability to stop/start
    • Complete Training Manual with valuable reference sheets & reading lists
    • The Color Aroma Basic Professional Practitioner Kit** with 12 Color Aroma Oils & 8 Color Aroma Mists when ordered at same time as Webinar ** special link below (limited time only)
    • Conscious Colors Certification Certificate (upon passing)
    • Future Wholesale discounts on Color Aroma retail product, displays and future courses (upon passing)
    • Opportunity to become a Registered Color Aroma Therapist and receive product images for your own marketing PLUS receive a listing at our site
    • Access to additional private Color Therapy mentoring program

Online Webinar Training (level I) Includes:

Color Therapy

Chakra Balancing

Color Aroma™ Therapy

Additional Training Electives Available:

Level 2 Self Study Manual Includes Complete Body Maps to 32 Chakra Marma Points (acupressure points for the chakras), Color Prescriptions and Protocols for 18 Key Conditions, Planetary Color Therapy Guide, Insights into Astrology & Color Therapy, Incorporating Sacred Geometry in Sessions, Aura Polishing Techniques and more!

Save $195 Total! Get Webinar PLUS Basic Practitioner Kit**:
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Live Level I March 24th-27th, 2017 
Green Lotus Center, Morro Bay, CA
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Level 2 Self Study Manual