The Healer’s Course

Learn VThe Healer's Courseital Techniques to Help Yourself and Others
Awaken your Innate Healing Gifts
Refine Your Sensitivities
Prevent “Burnout”
Expand your Awareness of What it Means to be a “Healer”

The Healer’s Course is a comprehensive 4 Module Online Course you can take in the comfort of your own home.

I’m so happy to offer you the best energy balancing self care techniques and tools I’ve learned over the last 25 years+ in the healing arts. This course really is a MUST for anyone that cares for others and wants to learn valuable and easy techniques for self-care.  If you typically feel drained from giving, you need these tools.


Your Wellness Guide,

Constance Hart, Founder/Developer Conscious Colors • Color Aroma

Once you sign up you’ll have unlimited access to the 4 webinar classes and their audio downloads. You can take as many times as you like!


You Will Learn:

    • What it Means to Be a ‘Healer’
    • Vital Grounding Techniques
    • How to Stay Centered
    • The Role of Unconditional Love in Healing
    • How to Send Energy
    • Using your Hands to Help Heal
    • The Importance of Breath in Healing
    • How to Expand Your Energy
    • How to Deepen your Intuitive Abilities
    • Sensing Energy Personalities
    • Cleansing Energies
    • Managing Your Room
    • How to Attract Clients
    • A Powerful Abundance Protocol
    • Marketing Your Service

This Program Will Help You:

    • Learn how to manage your energy while working with others.
    • Have extra energy so you always have more to give.
    • Understand the function of your inner and outer energy.
    • Treat your Aura and pay attention to it.
    • Feel stable in/with your sensitivities.
    • Honor your Earth body more.
    • Breathe more deeply more often and experience a personal energy shift as a result.
    • Deepen into your intuition and use it more!
    • Develop greater awareness and compassion.

You Will Receive:

    • Web Access to 4 Webinars with Voice Instruction
    • Valuable Course Handouts
    • Access to your Course for a full 120 Days
    • A Comprehensive Reading List
    • Q & A Follow Up Email
    • Discounts on Color Aromas energy balancing products
    • Special Private Mentoring Offer

2017 Online Webinar Course Commencement Dates:

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