Color Aroma Mists

Available in 13 colors in 2 sizes, the Color Aroma Mists can help improve your life from the outside in. Mist around your body to infuse your environment and your Aura with Color Therapy intentions. The scent of each Color Aroma will help you remember the color's true benefits and shift your day for the better!

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Pink Color Aroma Mist

Pink Color Energy Benefits: Opens you to love, self love, unconditional love, gentleness, loving kindness.

Healing Energy for: judgments (especially of self), perfectionism, tension, acidic body state, skin issues, emotional tension, self doubts.

Scent Profile: Calming, Soothing, Nurturing

Deep Red Color Aroma Mist

Deep Red Color Energy Benefits: Stabilizing, grounding, centering

Healing Energy for: trust issues, a dislike of being on the planet, challenges with food, shelter, money in the mundane world, feeling disconnected from one’s physical body, weak bones, issues with joints, diarrhea, issues with prostate, lack of abundance, high blood pressure, distorted body image

Scent Profile: Grounding, Stabilizing, Centering


Bright Red Color Aroma Mist

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Bright Red Color Energy Benefits:
Energizing, stimulating, increases circulation, supports overall health in physical body, wakes up the bodymindspirit in physical form
Healing energy for: sluggish circulation, constipation, low blood pressure, prostate, colon, lack of physical energy, varicose veins, tired legs, edema
Scent Profile: Energizing, Stimulating, Rejuvenating


Orange Color Aroma Mist

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Orange Color Energy Benefits: Opens you to creativity, sociability, sensuality, patience, being in the moment, flowing with change
Healing Energy for: bladder and kidney issues, female reproductive system, water balance, perfectionism, control issues, childhood wounds
Scent Profile: Sensual, Uplifting, Aphrodisiac


Gold Color Aroma Mist

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Gold Color Energy Benefits: Opens you to being in present time, centering within yourself, soothing for emotions

Healing Energy for: being stuck in past, anxiety around future, issues with mothering or your mother, impatience, fragile emotional state

Scent Profile: Soothing, Centering, Nurturing


Yellow Color Aroma Mist

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Yellow Color Energy Benefits: Opens you to your clarity, joy, confidence, personal empowerment, self esteem
Healing Energy for: digestive issues, doubts, low self esteem, depression, cloudy thinking, confusion, lack of decision making ability, resentments, liver issues, adrenal imbalances
Scent Profile: Uplifting, Harmonizing, Antidepressant


Green Color Aroma Mist


Green Color Energy Benefits: Opens you to healthy harmonious relationships, balance within yourself, healthy balance between self and others, generosity, compassion, a feeling of spaciousness and extra time

Healing Energy for: heart issues, blood pressure imbalances, selfishness, a lack of compassion, disconnection from nature, unbalanced relationships, over-giving, over-caring to the point of imbalance

Scent Profile: Balancing, Harmonizing, Opening

Turquoise Color Aroma Mist


Turquoise Color Energy Benefits: Opens you to inspiration, a new beginning, expressing your heart’s wants, needs and feelings, expressiveness in speech or art, spaciousness, possibilities

Healing Energy for: artistic inspiration, deep breathing, respiratory conditions, lung issues, weakened immune system, thyroid imbalances, a feeling of being closed off to others, holding back your voice, stimulating for singing and any vocal expression

Scent Profile: Opening, Uplifting, Stimulating

Pale Blue Color Aroma Mist

Pale Blue Color Energy Benefits: Opens you to peace, relaxation, soothing, calm, peaceful expression, better listening skills, being at peace with your heart’s wants, needs and feelings, being free of resentments, soothes mental and emotional anxiety

Healing Energy for: unbalanced communication (either withholding or excessive expression), insomnia, skin issues, mental and emotional tension, high blood pressure, hyperactivity

Scent Profile: Calming, Sedating, Anti-Spasmodic

Royal Blue Color Aroma Mist

Royal Blue Color Energy Benefits: Opens you to your intuition, insights, optimism, psychic visions, trust, feeling sensory side of mind

Healing Energy for: headaches, migraine tension, eye strain, sinus challenges, over analyzing, distrust of self and intuition

Scent Profile: Calming, Antidepressant, Harmonizing

Deep Violet Color Aroma Mist

Deep Violet Color Energy Benefits: Opens you to your spiritual self, higher consciousness, meditative mind, trust

Healing Energy for: headaches, mental tension, doubts about being on the Earth plane, doubting higher guidance and intuition, lack of spiritual connection, overall mental malaise, pituitary and pineal gland imbalances

Scent Profile: Meditative, Soothing, Relaxing

Pale Violet Color Aroma Mist

Pale Violet Color Energy Benefits: Opens you to your lightest self, a sense of freedom, purpose, open-mindedness, possibility, higher consciousness

Healing Energy for: feeling stuck, over analyzing, headache tension, distrust, feeling heavy in emotions and thoughts, disconnected from cosmos, lack of belief in the cosmos

Scent Profile: Stimulating, Uplifting, Antiseptic, Anti-Inflammatory

White Color Aroma Mist

White Color Energy Benefits: Opens you to a feeling of wholeness, connection, freedom, safety, possibility and overall comfort and trust
Healing Energy for: feeling a lack of boundaries, trust issues, abundance issues, feeling disconnected from all that you are and can be, from others, from the Earth and/or the Cosmos
Scent Profile: Centering, Uplifting, Soothing

Complete Color Aroma Mist Kits

Color Aroma Mists are available in 13 color energies to help you improve your life from the outside in. Use them generously throughout the day to affect your home/office/car/aura.

Can’t decide which colors you need because they all sound so great?! That’s why you need all the colors. Every color we offer is important, vital and needed by your body being.

This kit includes all 13 Color Aroma Mists in the full size 4 oz bottles at an incredible discount!

The Color Aroma Mist Kit includes: Pink, Deep Red, Bright Red, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Pale Blue, Royal Blue, Deep Violet, Pale Violet and White.
Moods included: I am Loving, I am Abundant, I am Energetic, I am Creative, I am Present, I am Joyful, I am Balanced, I am Inspiring, I am Peaceful, I am Intuitive, I am Meditative, I am Light and I am Whole.

Choose by Color or Choose by Mood, you can trust to be led to the colors that you need.